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In-app subscription for Imray Navigator app on iPad and iPhone.

Download the free Imray Navigator app from the App Store and subscribe from the in-app chart store.

Buy the ID80 Netherlands Chart Set for an annual subscription fee to get regular quarterly updates with corrections and new edition charts, plus access to all the navigational instruments included with the free app. Download your charts onto your device for access at sea. Keep your charts even if you end your subscription.

Includes 140 Imray charts from 5 Imray atlases for The Netherlands: 2120 North Sea Nieuwpoort to Den Helder- 2130 Westerschelde & Oosterschelde- 2140 Rijn and Maas Delta, 2150 Waddenzee- 2160 IJsselmeer

Updated quarterly, Imray Digital Charts use raster images. This means that they correspond exactly to the equivalent Imray paper charts. Each digital chart pack is georeferenced and mosaiced to zoom and pan smoothly among many of the equivalent Imray paper charts for that area. In addition, Imray’s acclaimed large scale harbour plans, also found on the paper charts, usefully provide all necessary information in one place.

Based on the latest licensed Hydrographic Official surveys alongside information supplied by experts, local sources and experienced mariners, Imray charts are meticulously edited by our skilled cartographers.

Carefully plotted and edited scales enable navigators to plot courses between destinations with the minimum number of chart sheets. Reflecting our long experience and knowledge of the navigator’s requirements, they offer more intelligent schemes than other series where official data has been reformatted and forced into the page.

Thorough editing ensures that only the information useful to small craft navigation is presented, avoiding clutter. Shore side detail is included, but only where useful for navigators.

Use of IMO approved signs and symbols. Imray digital charts may be used alongside official charts.

For current users of Imray charts the colour scheme will be familiar. For new users, our chart colours are logical - blue for sea, green for land, drying depths in yellow and white.

Imray charts have been awarded official MCA recognition for use on code vessels and fishing vessels under 24m in length.

For further information about the Imray Chart Navigator app please go to
Available on Imray Navigator app for iPad and iPhone

For further information about the Imray Chart Navigator app please go to

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Available on Imray Navigator app for iPad and iPhone

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