G14 Saronic and Argolic Gulfs

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In stock

Plans included:

Marina Alimos (Kalamáki) (1:12 500)
Stenón Metópis (1:30 000)
Limín Póros (1:25 000)
Nisídhes Tselevínia (1:50 000)
Stenón Spétsai (1:40 000)
Návplion (1:20 000)

On this 2019 edition the chart specification has been improved to show coloured light flashes. Submarine cables have been updated. There has been general updating throughout.

  • Stock code ICG14-2
  • Author Imray
  • Publisher Imray
  • ISBN 9781786790767
  • Edition date 2019
  • Printed and corrected to January 2020
  • Publication details Sheet size 640 x 900mm. Waterproof. Folded in plastic wallet or flat.

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