Estonian Cruising Guide

The Estonian sea area stretches as far North as 60 degrees latitude. Even for a seasoned blue-water sailors this is very close to the North Pole and can seem rather extreme and daunting.

This book was published to show that, despite the high latitude, Estonian waters can offer at least five months of good sailing conditions every year, and even relaxing sea swimming in midsummer!

Most of you will find uncrowded, sometimes even very lonely small harbours, ininhabited small islands, but in contrast the buzz of harbour towns too. The Baltic storm can be as challenging as rounding and famous capes, but at the same time you will still be so close to the friendly and sometimes shy coastal Estonians.

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  • Author Hillar Kukk & Jaano Martin Ots
  • Publisher -
  • ISBN 9789949386628
  • Edition date 2015
  • Publication details Spiral bound. 161pp.

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