The Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines

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The Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines is aimed at boatowners rather than experienced mechanics. In clear, jargon-free English it explains how a diesel engine works, how to look after it, and takes into account developments in engine technology.

The book explains how the engine uses simple processes to covert fuel to power, and then looks at the various sub-systems that allow those processes to take place. She also advises on tools, winterizing and provides hints,
tips and helpful fault-finding tables. Systems covered include: fuel, air, cooling, oil, electrical, propeller and transmission and control.

This fifth edition has been thoroughly updated and illustrated with new full-colour photos and diagrams. In particular the Common Rail Injection System is covered, which governs how the fuel system is constructed, combined with the use of electronics (as opposed to mechanics) to control it thereby meeting the need for cleaner, greener engines to meet emissions regulations.

  • Stock code RBADL0016-1
  • Author Melanie Bartlett
  • Publisher Adlard Coles
  • ISBN 9781472955401
  • Edition date 2018
  • Publication details 210 x 148 mm. Paperback

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