Gulf Islands

A Boater's Guidebook

Gulf Islands: A Boater’s Guidebook, was created for the adventurer, the mariner or charterer who wants to get the ultimate experience out of their Canadian cruise and to do it confidently. This guide covers British Columbia's coastal waters, from southeast Vancouver Island (Victoria to Naniamo) and all of the Gulf Islands.

Today's readers crave more than just the sailing directions, and Gulf Islands provides its readers with the whole experience, from navigating to shore-side exploring. Full page, GPS accurate charts for each harbor and anchorage utilize the latest Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) soundings, digitial elevation models and on site surveys. These modern detailed charts take the place of yesteryear's sketch charts. Readers will also find comprehensive marina maps, accurate waypoints, fuel dock locations, recommended anchoring spots, strong current areas, and more. Multiple detailed itineraries suggest the best spots to visit, whether you're on a week long charter or setting off for a summer long adventure.

Not just a boating guide, this book also provides everything you need to know when you're off the boat and exploring the islands. History, hiking and biking trails, shore access points, dive sites, pubs and restaurants, museums, farmer's markets, outdoor music concerts, Marine Parks and National Preserves, off-leash dog parks, playgrounds are included.

Focusing on accuracy instead of advertising, the countless pages typically reserved for ads are instead devoted to full color, awe-inspiring photographs, aerial photos, charts and maps. Value added spiral binding allows books to lay flat without the need of cumbersome winch handles or coffee mugs to weigh down the pages.

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  • Author Shawn Breeding and Heather Bansmer
  • Publisher Blue Latitude Press
  • ISBN 9780980090161
  • Edition 1st
  • Edition date 2019
  • Publication details 250 x 210mm. Soft cover spiral binding. Full colour

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