Editions du Breil 10 - Pays De La Loire

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Editions du Breil (EDB) publishes a collection of guides to the navigable canals and rivers in France. They are mainly intended for the boating fratenity but are also useful for cyclists and trekkers who wish to discover the French waterways. Each guide has about 100 pages with detailed maps and tourist and technical information in English, French and German. The contents are constantly updated- each guide being renewed on average every two years.
PAYS-DE-LA-LOIRE (92 pages) The Sarthe, the Mayenne, the Oudon, the Maine and the Loire between Nantes and Angers. The link between the rivers of Anjou and the Brittany canals is assured by the Loire river, officially navigable over a distance of 80 km between Nantes and Bouchemaine. The current is fast and a powerful motor is required to enable you to get through several difficult sections. The channel is well buoyed thanks to the efforts of the staff of Voies navigables de France who are responsible for the maintenance of the river. The Sarthe and the Mayenne are the most important tributaries on the right bank of the Loire. No longer used for commercial traffic, these rivers, with the Oudon, are now open to leisure craft. Navigation conditions are easy as the locks are small and, for the most part, operated by lock-keepers. However, it is wise to take advice before setting out as the annual closures, which affect each of the rivers one year in three, take place during the month of September.

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  • Author Editions du Breil
  • Publisher Editions du Breil
  • ISBN 9782913120082
  • Edition date 2011
  • Publication details A4. Paperback. Full colour

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