Editions du Breil 14 - Sevre Noirtaise

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The Sévre Niortaise, Canal Maritime du Brault, Canal de la Vieille Autize, Canal de la Jeune Autize, Canal du Mignon.
This guide informs of navigation conditions on the Sèvre Niortaise, a little used river but perfectly navigable as far as Niort, even for sizeable boats.
The Sèvre crosses a vast wetland called the Marais poitevin. The small canals which drain the Marais are very popular with holidaymakers but they are only accessible to small craft. In collaboration with local hirers we have identified several itineraries for those setting out in canoes or the traditional Marais Poitevin punts.

  • Stock code RC0009
  • Author Editions du Breil
  • Publisher Editions du Breil
  • ISBN 9782913120121
  • Edition date 2004
  • Publication details A4. Paperback. Full colour

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