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Canal du Rhône au Rhin - Belfort branch cana' Canal de Huningue

The Canal du Rhône au Rhin is a junction canal made up of an artificial section between Saint-Symphorien and Dole followed by the canalised river Doubs which you will follow as far as Voujeaucourt. It finishes with a second artificial section, with dividing pound, between Voujeaucourt and the Rhine.

Over the 236 km of its course you will discover a particularly varied countryside: first the plains of the Saône river, then the wooded hills of the Jura and finally the Rine valley.

The northern branch of the canal is partially closed but navigation starts again upstream from Rhinau (see guide n° 4, Alsace-Lorraine). The section between Colmar and Rhinau will be reopened for navigation in the near future.

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