Editions du Breil 18 - Le Rhone

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Le Petit Rhône, canal de Barcarin, canal Saint-Louis.

Wide, majestic and powerful, the Rhône is by far the biggest of the waterways of Provence. Outwardly calm, it flows with hidden force that nothing can disturb. Little by little, over the years, man has tamed it, dompting some of its mythical violence.
But it is only partially domesticated and still demands a certain vigilance, especially when it joins forces with the prevailing winds and, in particular, the mistral.
Flowing from north to south, the Rhône links central France to the Mediterranean Basin. Following the river, you will enjoy a series of superb backdrops: narrow defiles, vast plains, steep vine covered slopes and fields of fruit trees.
A varied countryside, sometimes shaped by man, sometimes natural, always grandiose.

Its banks are lined with towns which have kept monuments from all periods of our history- castles, fortresses, towers, old Roman ruins... so many reminders of its prosperous past. And this prosperity is perpetrated today by the famous Rhône valley vineyards: côte-rôtie, hermitage, saint-joseph, châteauneuf-du-pape as well as all the varieties of côtes-du-rhône.

The course of the river in punctuated by waterways constructions which constitute a rich waterways heritage: bridges, locks, barrages... And it ends its course with a magnificent delta running beside the Camargue nature park with its unique natural treasures, its horses and its bulls.
Far from a motorway or an obligatory passage between northern and southern France, the Rhône offers a thousand treasures to he whotakes the time to seek them out.
This guide will help you discover all these treasures- even if you do not stop to visit them, take the time to observe them as you sail past.

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  • Author Editions du Breil
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  • Edition date 2010
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