Map of German Waterways

Enlargements for Berlin area and the Ruhr, plus the Danube from Regensburg to the Black Sea.

The map shows the entire river network, plus main roads and the division of German states. Navigable waterways are classified into six categories, according to the tonnage, length, beam, draught and headroom of the vessels. Separate markings distinguish canals from rivers, with planned extensions and new canals also marked. All the navigable waterways show existing and planned locks and ship lifts, and have kilometre markings.

For coastal regions the map also indicates the extent of inland access for sea faring ships. The map extends to northeastern France, west to Reims and south to the confluence of Canal de Bourgogne, the Saône and the Rhine-Rhône canal, plus western Czech Republic with Vltava/Moldau and the Elbe from Kostomlátky. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1º intervals.

Insets present the Berlin region and the Ruhr in greater detail at 1:500,000. The remaining part of the Danube, which on the main map is covered to just beyond Linz and Mauthausen (2100km from the Black Sea), is also shown on an inset at 1:5,000,000.

The map legend includes English, although only the main terms are translated.

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  • Author Kapitan K.Nussbaum
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  • Edition date 2015
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