Imray Explorer Guide - Tides

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Part of an exciting new series of small format guides which help you better understand the sea, by William Thomson FRGS.

An essential guide to Tides, clearly explained through a seamless blend of simple descriptions and rich infographics.

Tides have a profound impact on adventures along the coast, whether you are sailing, swimming, surfing, scuba diving or stand-up paddleboarding. In this book, William de-mystifies their workings through a mixture of straightforward language and vivid illustrations, sharing the concepts of tides for anyone to understand.

Inspired by explorations on his catamaran Luna, William has drawn upon a mixture of practical experience and theoretical study to create this Explorer Guide, equipping you with the knowledge to know what to expect where and when. With that know-how you can then make decisions with more confidence, planning adventures to harness the energy of tides and ‘Seas The Power’.

William is founder of Tide School ( and author of Book of Tides who is currently on a long-term sailing voyage with his young family aboard their yellow catamaran, Luna.

  • Stock code IB0264
  • Author William Thomson
  • Publisher Imray
  • ISBN 9781786792921
  • Edition 1st
  • Edition date 2021
  • Printed and corrected to 2021
  • Publication details 16cm x 18cm. Soft cover.
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