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Nautical charts for leisure sailors


Our skilled cartographers customise the latest official data from international Hydrographic Offices including UKHO, SHOM, BSH to show the most relevant information for leisure and small craft sailors.


They add unique Imray data sourced from across our networks and from our well respected cruising guides.  The resulting Imray charts are tailored to the needs of leisure sailors.   

Intuitive colour scheme

Deep water is dark blue, shallower areas are paler.  Land is green, sand and drying patches are yellow.  

Lights and buoys are shown in their intended colours. 


Land features are included to help with navigation.  


Fine latitude and longitude grids help you plot your position.


Standard symbols and abbreviations

International Hydrographic Organisation symbols and abbreviations are those that you’d learn on any sailing course. Key to symbols and abbreviations used on Imray charts.


IALA Buoyage System Region A diagram


IALA Buoyage System Region B (Americas and Caribbean) diagram



Practical and easy to use

Chart packs come as a package of digital and paper charts. 


Use them on handheld devices to navigate alongside a paper backup.  Or vice versa.  

Paper charts are printed on water-resistant paper designed for sailors and packaged in a sturdy recycled PVC wallet. 


Digital charts are raster versions for use in our Imray Navigator mobile apps or as SD cards for chart plotters.


Single sheet paper charts are perfect for passage planning. 

Our unique Pretex paper folds well and is durable in damp conditions. It can be drawn on with soft pencil and ballpoint pen. 

Up to date

We use the latest data for new editions and chart updates.  

We’re the only independent publisher of leisure charts that offers a weekly Corrections service. Download here

Officially recognised

They’re have official recognition for use on small craft, code and fishing vessels under 24m in length from the  MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency)


Technical details

Every chart includes the datum and projection on which it was based, for safe use with GPS navigation systems. 


All Imray charts are now based on WGS 84 datum. Apart from some of the Imray-Iolaire charts of the Caribbean Sea, all are metric.


Paper sheet charts are folded to approx A4 size with a wrap-around cover and supplied in recycled PVC wallets. Flat sheets are available on request.


Buy your official charts from us too

We print fully up to date UKHO (Admiralty) charts on demand.  We also supply SHOM (Service Hydrographique et Oceanographique de la Marine) French charts and Norwegian Hydrographic Office charts.

We sell Admiralty Leisure Folios, Netherlands 1800 series charts, chart packs from the Croatian Hydrographic Office and Delius Klasing in Germany.   


Admiralty chart coverage is divided into several series which are shown on the chart index. 


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