Clyde Cruising Club

Imray works with the CCC to publish its sailing directions and guides to the west coast of Scotland

The Clyde Cruising Club is one of Scotland's leading sailing organisations, and it has published Sailing Directions for Scottish waters since its inception in 1909, first as the well known Blue Book which was published in ten editions until 1974 and latterly in five separate volumes.

Since 2011 these books have gradually been merged with Martin Lawrence's Yachtsman's Pilot series (Imray) with editorial control remaining with the CCC and publishing undertaken by Imray.  

To mark the centenary of the CCC the Club published a companion to the Sailing Directions, Cruising Scotland. This gives a well-illustrated overview of the entire west coast of Scotland from the Solway Firth to Cape Wrath, serving as a guide to cruise planning and a general introduction to Scottish waters for visiting yachtsmen. By 2015 the original print-run had sold out and Imray published a second edition.  The third edition will be available in spring 2023.

Updates and amendments

Each publication is kept up to date with regular amendments to new light sequences, fresh contact details, new experiences in anchorages and even newly discovered rocks! Amendments for each book of Sailing Directions are published on the Clyde Cruising Club website when they are done annually. Amendments remain on the website until a new edition of a book is published.