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We have a number of navigation apps for Apple devices. These provide quick reference for crews and anyone involved in navigation and work alongside our other paper and digital products.


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Marine Rules & Signals

The reference guide to rules and signals at sea; a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports


Available in French, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese. 


Imray marine mavigation reference products are intended for quick reference and learning.


Beautifully illustrated with diagrams and short, clear text.


Remind yourself quickly about a rule or light, or learn at home, whilst travelling or in the winter while planning your trips.



- Steering and sailing rules

- Lights and shapes: day and night time marking of boats

- Sound signals in restricted visibility. Actual sounds

- Distress signals

- Full Colregs text.



- Buoys: worldwide buoyage systems A & B and animated harbour approaches.

- Buoy lights, animated.

- Sample harbour charts from around the world, with animated lights.

- Flags: flag translator, phonetic alphabet, morse code and message builder.

- Dual flag messages.

- Racing flags.

- Semaphore flags.

- Radio calls including Mayday/PanPan and radio channels.

- Life saving communication including air rescue: Solas V.

- Communication with air rescue.



- Learning cards for all content, by section or for all Rules together.


Content can be scrolled, viewed individually or in sequence.


Large images (charts and at a glance images) can be zoomed and panned.


Based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions and Sea, 1972, with amendments in force from November 1995, SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 29 and the general guidelines for buoys and signals.


Version 2.1 is the latest version. 


Chart Symbols

A quick reference to the signs, symbols and abbreviations used on official nautical charts



Based on the International Hydrographic Office publication Int 1.


Available in French, Spanish, German, French and Italian.


Complete reference for symbols, abbreviations and terms used in marine charts.


Useful as an aid for teaching and learning, or as reminder for experienced sailors and sea cartography users.  



- Comprehensive coverage: more than 800 symbols and abbreviations


- Full content tree, organised for ease of use


- Index and grouped index for all entries


- Search facility


- Sample chart with visual pop ups for commonly used symbols


- Favourites: archive your best symbols  


Full international standard from the IHO.


All topics:  

position, distance, direction, compass, features, landmarks, ports, tides, currents, seabed, rocks, wrecks, obstructions, offshore, tracks, routes, areas, limits, lights, buoys, beacons, fog, radar, radio, services, small craft.

Boat instruments

AIS, GPS and instruments for your boat, allows integration with Imray Navigator.




The essential companion to boat instrumentation or to complement the GPS functions of your device.


The app connects through WiFi to NMEA bridges that transmit instrumentation and AIS data.


You can configure flexible pages of analogue and digital instruments, which display realistic gauges and panels: 

Depth, speed, course, wind, location, rudder, rpm.


The AIS screen shows relative position, speed and course for nearby targets that the on board AIS receiver is reporting.


A minimum safe distance can be used to show warnings about potential collisions.


The relative direction of travel of targets is shown in colours to indicate relative position in 5, 10 and 20 minutes.


Instruments include: Relative course and speed, collision detection, forecast position.


Works with Imray Navigator, our chart navigator app

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