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Book of the month – South China Sea

January's Book of the Month

26th January 2023, By Imray

South China Sea author Jo Winter was just passing through in 2007 but ended up staying for more than a decade in what she describes as one of the most diverse, beautiful, unspoilt and undiscovered cruising areas in the world. She extols the joys of abundant new discovery in exploring all the different countries and coastlines - especially beyond the already popular sailing hubs of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

In particular, the extensive Philippines archipelago offers an endless choice of stunning coral anchorages, with a good scattering of welcoming marinas where cruisers and racing boats congregate. This is a quintessential island paradise! If you are looking to charter, you may want to start in the Gulf of Thailand where there are well established charter fleets offering easy turquoise water cruising from ‘Ko’ to ‘Ko’. 

In your own boat your choices are limitless, whether you prefer to follow rivers into the heart of the jungle, enjoy the bustle of a very modern metropolis or just want to watch the sun go down over the reef at the end of each day. Some cruising areas in the region are more challenging than others but, wherever the winds blow you, South China Sea will guide and inspire.