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Brand new! RCCPF South Biscay 2023

Imray's new edition on the captivating northern coast of Spain is already here!

10th July 2023, By Victor Fajardo Calvache

This long-time coming eighth edition of the South of Biscay is a thrilling new addition to the Imray catalogue. From Baie de Fuenterrabia to A Coruña, ‘RCCPF South Biscay 2023’ will grant you all the necessary information to sail through one of the most exciting destinations in Western Europe, the northern coast of Spain.


Summer is the perfect time of the year to visit Spain’s northern coast and its no less than 300 nautical miles of pure wonder. From the uniqueness of the Basque Country and the solemn peacefulness of Cantabria and Asturias to the gastronomy and history of Galicia, northern Spain offers the sailor a wide range of experiences that will shock the preconceived image that visitants have of Spain. These four different areas reflect not just random political demarcations, but the reflection of deep changes in culture from one community to the next, making the Cornisa Cantabrica an exhilarating journey full distinct and special character that you will never forget. 




The history of this region is as rich and varied as you can imagine having into account its diversity. In the Basque Country you will find ancient remains of this unique pre-Indo-European culture, last to survive in all of Europe. In Cantabria spawned the seeds of what would become the Kingdom of Castile and therefore the Spanish Empire. In Asturias you will find the only land left unconquered by the Muslim conquest of 717, and the scenario where the famous Reconquista began. In Galicia the distinctive syncretism between Spanish and Portuguese culture, vertebrated along the Route that the famed Apostle Saint James took, to evangelize and eventually become the patron Saint of Spain. The northern coast of Spain is a must in every sailor’s book.



What a better way to explore this melting pot of a region than to do so with the new RCCPF South Biscay 2023? None! For which other book would offer you a more detailed and much needed account of the Northern Spanish coast? RCCPF South Biscay 2023 will help you on every stage of your voyage, from inception to completion, so you do not miss any of the parts that make this trip so worth it. So, think no more and check this new edition of the Imray classic!