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Imray digital charts for Raymarine plotters

Get Imray raster charting on your Raymarine plotter.

2nd November 2022, By Imray

Designed and published in England, Imray charts feature popular, carefully edited and award-winning cartography specifically designed for the leisure sailor. 


Imray raster charts are a popular choice for Raymarine chartplotters, and this range has been fully updated and relaunched for compatibility with all Raymarine’s family of Axiom chartplotters running Axiom’s latest operating system, LightHouse 4.


Supplied as a microSD card, Imray Digital Charts use raster images, corresponding exactly to the equivalent Imray paper charts.  Each digital chart pack is georeferenced and quilted to zoom and pan smoothly across the different charts for each area. Imray’s acclaimed large scale harbour plans, also found on the paper charts, usefully provide all necessary information in one place.


The chart packs available for Raymarine plotters are: 

ID1 Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe
ID40 Atlantic France, Iberia and Atlantic Islands

ID50 Western Mediterranean 

ID60 Central Mediterranean
ID70 Eastern Mediterranean
ID100 Eastern Caribbean