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Explore with Imray

A digital library of geolocated cruising information from Imray's world-renowned pilot books. Discover new books and sailing areas with full access to all information through our membership.

Imray Navigator

Imray's charting app brings our award-winning raster charts to your phone and tablet. With European and Caribbean coverage and navigation tools inbuilt, Navigator helps you on your way on the water.

Imray Tides Planner

Tides Planner is an essential companion for anyone taking part in activites near the sea. The app contains tidal predictions, currents, sun and moon information and much more!

Marine Rules & Signals

The reference guide to rules and signals at sea; a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports.


Includes rules of the road and signals & communication, uses learning cards and clear illustrations.



Chart Symbols

A quick reference to the signs, symbols and abbreviations used on official nautical charts.


Includes comprehensive coverage: more than 800 symbols and abbreviations. Useful as an aid for teaching and learning, or as reminder for experienced sailors and sea cartography users. 



Boat Instruments

AIS, GPS and instruments for your boat, allows integration with Imray Navigator.


The essential companion to boat instrumentation or to complement the GPS functions of your device. The app connects through WiFi to NMEA bridges that transmit instrumentation and AIS data.


You can configure flexible pages of analogue and digital instruments, which display realistic gauges and panels: depth, speed, course, wind, location, rudder, rpm.