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The Balearic Islands

Victor Fajardo Calvache

Hot off the press, this new edition cruising guide comes full of sailing inspiration

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Widely considered to be one of the best sailing destinations in the western Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands are covered in detail in the new edition of this well established book from the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation by expert sailors David and Susie Baggaley.  

Much has changed since the last edition in 2018, with developments in ports and marinas throughout the whole archipelago, new anchorages and berths, more detailed descriptions and updated information.

This new edition also deals with phenomena including the expansion of Posidonia, the protected and environmentally-vital seagrass that can limit access to some 'cala' anchorages, or the advent of the ‘red rain’ that seems to be slowly transforming the climate.


What do the Balearic Islands offer? How did they become such a popular destination for tourists and sailors?

Their rich geography encompasses beach, vale and mountain. The ecosystem includes many unique, endemic species, both flora and fauna.  More than a dozen natural parks and marine reserves offer natural spectacle (look up the Natural Monument of Fonts Ufanes, in Campanet, Mallorca) as well as enticing 'cala' anchorages.  Treat yourself to the Spanish gastronomy and don't forget to try local specialities such as ensaimada, sobrassada or tombet.  

History has created an enclave populated and enriched by dozens of cultures including Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Arabs, Catalans and even the English at one point (early to mid-18th century), each of them leaving their mark on this unforgettable archipelago. All of this is upheld by a deep tradition of welcoming tourists, resulting in excellent facilities and service.

Now that you have a taste for the Balearics, what next? A copy of the Balearic Islands cruising guide will help with planning, preparation and on the water to unlock the secrets of this fantastic cruising ground.