Keeping Imray charts up to date

You can keep your charts up to date by downloading Imray Correction Notices.

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Charts superseded by new editions are cancelled and cannot be corrected. 


Printing History A list of all chart edition and printing dates


Norie's Bulletin of Corrections A non-cumulative list of corrections for all Imray charts published each quarter


Key to symbols and abbreviations used on Imray Charts 

IALA Buoyage System Region A diagram 

IALA Buoyage System Region B (Americas and Caribbean) diagram


Every spring, we publish chartlets of East Coast rivers based on Trinity House surveys.  

Woodbridge Haven (River Deben entrance) March 2022 (updated July 2022)

Orford Haven (River Ore entrance) March 2022


Book supplements with updates and corrections

Imray pilot books are updated and corrected at frequent intervals via downloadable supplements.   

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User observations

Please email or write to us with any comments or observations giving specific information regarding chart or book edition date.




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